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  • With the ceremonial opening, the honey processing and packaging facility called TISAMED was officially put into operation

    With the official opening, 12.03.2019. In 2008, the plant for processing and packaging honey was officially put into operation.

    In previous years, with the financial help of the Hungarian government and the "Prosperitati" Foundation, a large investment was launched on our plot. As part of the project, the value of which is over 3 million euros, the logistics capacity will be increased by an additional 2,000 m², i.e. more than 3,000 pallet places, and what is perhaps even more important, we have also built a honey processing facility with an annual capacity of 1,000 tons, which will enable the Vojvodina beekeepers safe purchase of their own production, professional processing and safe placement in various packages in accordance with market requirements.

    As integrators, last year we signed contracts with 200 beekeepers and purchased various types of honey in the amount of 170 tons.

    At the end of last year, we successfully completed the plant for buying and processing honey, which has the most modern laboratory that guarantees safe honey quality.

    In our facilities, packaging of various types of honey will be done, starting with acacia, linden, flower, and silk honey.

    On the basis of the signed integrator contracts, beekeepers can deliver honey at the agreed prices and agreed delivery terms - it was said yesterday at the opening of the plant for the purchase and processing of honey. The honey processing plant has a capacity of 1,000 tons per year, and after processing, the honey of Vojvodina beekeepers will be sold on the market of the Republic of Serbia and on other markets.

    Kermeci Karolj, Deputy Director of "Tisacoop" d.o.o. Kanjiža: "The total investment that started in 2017 exceeds 3 million euros, as part of the investment, the capacity of the storage space was increased by more than 2,000 m², i.e. by more than 3,000 pallet spaces, so we can boast of increased storage space that will mean a lot to us in further business and satisfaction of consumer needs."

    The honey processing plant was solemnly declared open by Mr. Dr. Nagy Istvan, Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Hungary, Istvan Pastor, President of VMS, Karolj Kermeci, Deputy Director of "Tisacoop" and Zoltan Kermeci, Director of Development and Export of "Tisacoop".

    Numerous provincial and municipal officials were present at the official opening ceremony.

    We believe that our new plant will contribute to the further development of "Tisacoop" and at the same time contribute to the further development of beekeeping in Vojvodina.

    Ceremonial opening of the "Tisamed" honey plant